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deaths. a man and woman were found dead inside of an arlington apartment. >> this was all happening at the park sherrington apartments behind us here. police have blocked off the entrance way to the apartment buildings. this is about one dozen police officers on the scene. here is what we know so far. just before 3:00 we are told a family member came home and discovered two bodies, that of a man and women and they are calling them suspicious deaths. they're focusing on this apartment building and a dumpster behind it. they are going through the dempster as we speak. we have seen them interviewing three people who live in the apartment. not a lot of information is released. is early in the investigation. we saw them going into evidence
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collection equipment. they are getting started on this. neighbors are beginning to get home and seemed stunned this is happening. we will stay on top of it and have the details as soon as we know them. >> keep us posted out there. thank you very much. meanwhile thousands of people took their message to end aides straight to the white house today. a handful were arrested. sam ford is live with the details. >> 20,000 people are here for the international aids conference and today some of them joined others who came in today from places like new york and philadelphia just to watch a march to the white house calling for funding to find a cure for aids. they had about as many causes they linked to aids as colors. robin hoods who take from the rich to find a cure for aids.
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there were a man from west africa. >> i think they have the power to start change. >> hiv-positive man from philadelphia. >> i worked with aids patience for 12 years. women are the ones who get the biggest burden. >> groups converged on lafayette square across from the white house. they came from the west, the north. their message -- weekend and aids. >> let this represent our hope and dreams of ending aids. they moved through the crowd collecting objects for their civil disobedience wrapped in red ribbons. they then took across the street and began tying to the white house fence. the vast majority of the
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protesters left at police demands but 13 chose to stay and chant and be arrested for blocking a sidewalk. >> authorities took down the ribbons quickly. the protesters were taken to the police and anacostia station to be processed and have a future court appearance. as for president obama, he did not get their message in person because he is on the west coast. >> the international aids conference continues here in d.c. through friday. >> a mother had a dangerous run in with a train today. she had just dropped her children off when she was driving her s tv beyond some train tracks. she did not make it across in time. brad bell has the latest on the young woman's condition. >> we understand she will be just fine. she was battered up pretty well
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but she will make a full recovery. the woman was driving up this hill to the train crossing on decatur street. she was stuck in the middle of the tracks. that is where the big train slammed into her and dragged her car that way. when a tow truck finally hauled away the big s u b, you could see clearly where the train slammed into the side. news chopper 7 captured these images where the truck and train were stopped after the coalition. the 29-year-old female driver on the way to the hospital with serious injuries. >> she says the driver appeared on a where a train was coming and followed a big truck onto the at great rail crossing. and just then the truck in front stopped. the woman was stopped in front of an oncoming train. >> she had nowhere to go.
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the train was blowing its horn and it hit the back end of the truck. the truck went up in the air. it started dragging heard this way. and it flipped over on the right side. >> a train passing the scene hours later prove that the warning signals are working. >> they lay on the horn plenty. you hear them coming from a ways off. i am surprised people get hit by them. >> she climbs the warning lights are hard to see. she wants improvements. >> they need to fix the lights and put an arm over here so nobody can actually get by before the train starts to approach the train tracks. >> a spokesperson said there will be an investigation of what went on and what role the lights may have played. as for putting an crossing gates here, that is up to the municipality. they will be seeing if that is
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required. >> thank you. a woman faces murder charges in the death of the child she was supposed to be caring for. she was arrested yesterday almost 10 months after williams died. an autopsy found she died of blunt force trauma to his chestl hisutsky is held without bond. >> tonight we are learning more about this story and a new details about the dangers content found inside the apartment. jennifer donelan is with us with the latest. >> experts are calling the apartment one huge house bomb like the kind seen in iraq and afghanistan. survivors are sharing their story with us. >> families plan at funerals for
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12 lives lost. as bullets rang out inside of a colorado movie theater. >> we are laying there literally in the mouth of hell. >> she put her fingers over my artery. >> two best friends, one shot twice in the neck and the other never left her side. >> she saved my life. >> carol was shot -- caleb was shot in the head. this morning he is in a coma. >> i am seeing the ones that are still suffering. >> his girlfriend is alive thanks to white's father who used his body as a shield. >> if they are going to shoot me, let him get me instead of her. >> the bizarre courtroom appearance had experts today
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questioning his mental capacity. that as new details emerged about the apartment. bomb crews found at 30 strong together with tripwire and 10 gallons of gasoline and cans. an apartment police say was designed to kill. one former analyst said today the amount of calculation and planning required for the attack did not add up with the catatonic appearance in court yesterday. >> thank you. after the tragedy there is a new push for gun law reform in the u.s. several called for bans on assault weapons. james holmes is accused of using both. there was heat and arguments on both sides of the aisle and president obama weighed in on the issue as well. we will have the latest for you tonight at 6:00. >> the humane society is
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investigating a heartbreaking animal cruelty case in prince george's county. somebody tied and this puppy named hershey in a garbage bag and left him for dead. ben eisler is live. how is he doing? >> my new friend has come quite a ways in just a week. when he first got here he was not comfortable with anybody getting too close. it is easy to understand why. for his love of kisses and the chocolate covered code, rescuers named him hershey. his story is anything but sweet. investigators say somebody tied him up in a garbage bag and left him on the side of the road. he had injuries on his feet likely because his previous donor cram him into a tiny creek. >> fortunately dr. said
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physically he should recover. >> they have these braces they sell we will attach to his feet. hopefully he will be able to walk normally. >> he was found at the intersection of marlboro road in upper marlboro. officials believe somebody tossed him out of their car. he had just managed to free his muscle from the back when they found him. >> abandonment is a crime. especially stuffing a live copy into a bag. >> despite his injuries he had no breaks or fractures. going forward he will have mostly emotional healing to do. >> we can rehabilitate him to learn to trust and love again. >> the humane society of the united states is offering a $2,500 reward if you have any interest in adopting him once he
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has recovered, but to our web site >> that is if been does not adopt him first. >> thank you. >> coming up a legendary sitcom star from the 1970's and 1980's has passed away. >> a major stroller recall. >> billy and carries on a school bus and virginia.
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains masty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee,
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and crowned thy good, with brotherhooood... >> bullying caught on tape on a school bus. " the younger boy's mother wants everybody to see what her son went through. >> the incident occurred last year. the boy's mother released the video this past week saying she wants everybody to see how bad the bullying was. >> for 40 agonizing minutes, he
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was tormented. this 15-year-old boy strongarm the much smaller boy calling him racial and sexual slurs. the bullies or special needs students attending a school and lynchburg. at one point he screens as the two boys hold a hot cigarette lighter against his skin. the bus driver is heard as well. she was charged with child neglect. but a jury acquitted her. davis argued she did all she cut that day. >> my son is a special needs child. he was entitled to say transportation like any other child in the school system. >> she says her son had to undergo extensive therapy and
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has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. what i want parents to be aware of what is going on in the school system. >> the two 15-year-old boys were sent off to juvenile detention. the superintendent told me today the bus driver is no longer working there but had no further comment. the victim's mother has filed a civil suit against the school board. live, greta kreuz. >> thank you. now we have breaking news coming in on the cab driver on the sidewalk in northwest washington. the driver apparently hit the gas instead of the breaks and ran through a red light and wound up on the curb where he hit a fire hydrant. >> more than 2000 strollers are
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being recalled because children can get trapped. it comes after the death of a six-month old after getting strangled between the tray and the seat. they were made between january 2004 and september 2007. the strollers were sold at babies-r-us and buy buy baby. go to our web site >> it looks like our all or nothing weather pattern continues. what do we have now? >> not much of anything in the metro area. i think it will continue to be the story through the evening. plenty of heavy rain but it is well to the south and west. it will head down to the fredericksburg area. there is this area coming through frederick county that is now starting to reproduce some
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heavy downpours coming through urbana and damascus. we may have to keep an eye on them for possible severe year marks over the next 20 and 30 minutes. that is about it so far. as far as west of the area goes, the big jackpot of storms has been southwest of the area all day. i think the situation should resolve over the next hour or so. we will keep a close eye on that and let you know if any storms turn severe. this cold front will make a big difference to the weather pattern tomorrow. check out to the time lapse from oakdale high school. the thunderstorms come through write a round of there. heavy rain -- this is the last rain you see as the storm moves southeast toward montgomery county. 24 mile per hour gusts in harrisonburg.
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rainfall -- some pretty heavy amounts. harrison byrd picked up almost 1 inch of rain. the rankled areas are in the lower 70's right now. we will see the trend of temperatures drop as lower humidity muezzin overnight and drier air returns. it will be about 70 downtown. -- the humidity moves in overnight and dry air returns. tomorrow we will get to near 90. the heat comes slamming back. the air temperatures will be close to 100 degrees. a lot of heat and humidity will push and quickly by thursday. the break we have will be short- lived. heat and humidity returns and as we get through thursday, friday, and even the weekend it remains hot and humid. pd late tonight. 84 degrees midday tomorrow. look at thursday. highs in the upper 90's near 100
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with a chance of afternoon storms. another cold front will bring more storms on saturday. we will settle into the upper 80 pose a kind of a normal august conditions. >> it continues to be sticky. >> we have sad news to pass on tonight. tmz reports that sherman hemsley passed away at his home. he had no wife or children. it is unclear just how he died. he was 74. >> just a fixture on tv in the 70's and 80's. coming up the national zoo's new cheetah cubs debut and we were there for the action. >> security changes as a result of the colorado shooting. what changes you may notice immediately.
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>> a decision on a controversial gas station in montgome
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>> the future of a controversial gas station is up in the air. >> the county council voted on a buffer zone between mega gas stations and schools and outdoor recreational activity.
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suzanne kennedy with a look at what this means. >> what this means is that costco will have to go back to the drawing board. residents have been fighting the mega gas station for fear of the environmental impact it will have on their community. you can see where the do costco warehouse store will be located at the mall. what is unclear is whether a gas station will be part of this facility. local residents have been fighting to prevent a mega gas station from being built here. >> personally i will never get gas there. >> today the council created a policy that will mandate a 300 foot buffer between mega gas stations and places such as schools or outdoor recreation centers. it was a compromise of a proposal to make the buffer 1,000 feet. >> the important thing is to get -- it is not perfect but it is a lot more than we ever had before. >> it could dispense 12 million
5:25 pm
gallons of gas a year. residents fear the long-term health dangers that can come with a 16 pump station near their neighborhood. >> i think this is a good beginning. >> given the new standards they are not sure they will be able to build a gas station here. >> i think if it is possible we can move it and comply, absolutely we will do that. >> the warehouse store is scheduled to open this fall. if costco can create a plan that the county oks, it could put a gas station here as soon as next summer. reporting live, suzanne kennedy. >> thank you very much. coming up tonight on prime time see more of the abc documentary series "new york med." tonight dr. oz goes to being a
5:26 pm
patient himself. >> i want to make sure i do not have any pre cancer in my:. >>"new york med" is followed by abc 7 is at 11:00. >> a decision is made. the arlington officials desire having streetcars. >> the police chief is looking to catch a violent gang that attack a victim at this bus stop.
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♪ ♪ i've never felt this way before, but it's a scary time to be a woman. mitt romney is just so out of touch. [ female announcer ] mitt romney opposes requiring insurance coverage for contraception. d romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a bill that outlaws all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. there's so much we need to do. we need to attack our problems -- not a woman's choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this mesge.
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>> you are watching abc 7 news at 5:00 with leon harris, alison
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starling, dog hill weather and tim brant sports. >> back to the top story this hour, the weather this evening. we have some storms moving into the area. >>doug hill is standing by. >> montgomery county under a severe thunderstorm warning right now. this one got a little bit stronger i pointed out a few minutes ago. gusty winds and torrential downpour moves toward germantown and gaithersburg. we will keep track and give you more information coming up in a few minutes. >> we will get back to you in a little bit. a brutal beating in a busy d.c. neighborhood has police in search of a group of suspects. >> it happened in the heart of chinatown. police say they cannot release the entire video. horace holmes is live to explain
5:31 pm
why. >> the incident happened right here behind me. as the victim was waiting for a bus a group of men attacked him and the incident was captured on video. police say it was so violent they did not want to release the entire video to the public. >> it does get violent down here sometimes at night. during the day as well. >> the attack happened at 2:00 in the morning on a still crowded street corner in the heart of chinatown. a gang of young men first rob their victims then beat them brutally and walked away. >> we need to have somebody call and give us potentially who these guys are because we believe they are involved in numerous cases. >> the police chief say this rigid the police chief says this group of young men is responsible for many attacks. he has seen many incidents like that, especially here in the
5:32 pm
summertime. >> you see fights constantly. people are stealing things. it will take your ipod. >> this is not the only groups of criminals that prowl the area. violence has become almost a nightly occurrence on the buses and the bus stops that run through chinatown. >> we will not get on the bus. >> there is a lot of crime. people are robbing. they take money. >> i think it is hard to manage all the activity in the neighborhood. >> now there is this a gain the police say is so violent they want them off the streets immediately. >> the victim in this case has recovered. the police want to know something about them. ebay hope you saw that video and can identify them. -- they hope you saw the video and can identify them. several people were arrested and an aids march outside of the
5:33 pm
white house. 13 people were arrested after they tied on six to the white house fence. they then sat on the sidewalk and refused to move. >> arlington police are investigating the suspicious deaths of two people as a murder-suicide. a hispanic man and woman were romantically involved and found dead shortly before 3:00 this afternoon. >> the humane society is offering $2,500 and an animal cruelty case. somebody put this puppy named hershey in a trash bag and left him for dead in the road. he was found with injuries likely being thrown from a moving car. he is expected to recover. >> new information about the colorado shooting suspect. i spoke with diane sawyer about what else we can expect. i see coming up on the report
5:34 pm
you are looking at another element involved with the colorado shooting. there are signs this man may have exhibited that is causing some interest right now. >> we are learning more about those. new details about what is happening in jail with the shooter. new reports of strange behavior. we are on the scene with the latest. >> it is true. you have to see these new reports about what you thought was tuna or a pricier fish, it turns out to be something completely different. we will show you what we learned tonight. >> thank you. we will see you in a bit. you can watch those stories and more tonight on world news after abc 7 news at 6:00. >> the penn state scandal is taking a toll not only on their reputation but their finances as well. the rating agency moody's has
5:35 pm
warned the university about a possible credit downgrade. that could make it more expensive for them to borrow money. they are expected to complete the review in 90 days. >> streetcars could soon be replacing buses on the arlington pike. fairfax county commissioners have to also approve the plan and if they do the two boards will request $110 billion in state and federal funds. arlington will pay the remaining cost with existing commercial tax. frank wolf once an investigation into the dallas green lane tolls calling them highway robbery. he says $4.80 a cost to go one way has pushed drivers onto neighborhood roads in loudon county. tolls increased at the beginning of the year. >> time for a check on the traffic situation. jerry has detail.
5:36 pm
>> ec delays and washington boulevard as you head toward do the street. some slow traffic there. a crash has been cleared off to the right shoulder. traveling in chinatown, seventh street we have a serious crash. a vehicle hit a fire hydrant. on the outer loop of the beltway into virginia on the 270 spur toward 66, an early delays began around dulles toll road and take you to the 270 spur. even over toward prince george's county on and of delays on the inner and outer lips as you had passed the camera here. slovo 270 northbound toward middlebrook road, heading past the camera here at 121 into frederick county. also 355 you still see some activity blocking the right lane near congressional lane and rockville. back to you.
5:37 pm
>> coming up, we are getting the first look at the national zoo's cheetah cubs in play. >> the new medical technology that is already saving thousands of women's lives.
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>> 3 d movies are all the rage right now. the new technology is helping save lives. >> 3d mammograms finding tumors that would otherwise go undetected. >> patricia taylor opted to have a 3-d mammogram at the last second, a decision she is grateful for now. >> it saved my life. >> the mammogram really -- revealed a tumor in her breast that turned out to be cancerous. >> that? >> yes. >> the doctor says the tumor is
5:41 pm
obvious on a 3d mammogram bubble lands and on aid to the mammogram where it could have gone undetected for years. >> it does not look much different than this. >> it is amazing that this imaging picks up something so small. >> since they began using 3d mammograms last year, breast cancer detection, especially for small cancers has increased. >> we can find the very early cancers that are curable with early diagnosis. that means everything for a patient. >> it takes x-rays' every millimeter on the breast. this allows doctors to scroll through every layer. you can see if there is a tumor or just overlapping tissue. the number of patient callbacks has dropped drastically.
5:42 pm
>> we have decreased the number by about 35%. >> a good boy. >> taylor is nearly done with her treatment and says she is incredibly fortunate. >> this is like a wake-up call for me. not only did it save me, but i realized, i just have to take care of myself. >> a 3-d mammogram exposes patience to more radiation but doctors say it is a safe amount and patience to offer the annual 3-d must pay $50 because it is not covered by insurance. >> really encouraging news. coming up next they bought this painting for $9 at a good will. they find out it is worth a lot more. >> safety at movie theaters and entertainment venues.
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i'm barack obama and i approve this message. [romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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>> the colorado movie theater shooting has cast the lead on
5:46 pm
potential targets for criminals. what the federal government is trying to keep moviegoers' safer. gail huff explains how. >> the department of homeland security has released a safety checklist for cinema owners. some fear a trip to the movies could become a hassle. >> if you see something, say something. what they are reminding citizens to notify authorities if they see something suspicious at an entertainment venue. they released guidelines for security. a spokesman tells us they will continue to work closely with state, local, and private sector partners to ensure that all necessary security precautions are being taken. >> the questions i get are, what can i do to protect myself? >> at local movie theaters, police presence has been
5:47 pm
increased. what i do think they could be safer. you have to use whatever is at your disposal to protect yourself. >> they are looking for suspicious people that could be loitering in the parking lot inappropriate photos or videotaping, diagrams or maps could be somebody scoping out a venue. note taking or asking questions could be suspicious. for safety amc is banning patrons from wearing costumes. some feel the stepped up security is unnecessary. but i do not think they should have been put on my moviegoing experience. >> everything has to be changed. >> out of respect for the victims' theaters have canceled many parties at batman premiers. >> britain is calling up to zero hundred more troops to help
5:48 pm
protect at the games. -- 1200 more troops to help protect at the olympic games. they say they should leave nothing to chance when it comes to the biggest peacetime event in british history. the opening ceremony is friday. >> some people at a london shopping center got an olympic sized surprise. they were taking pictures in a photo booth to support team great britain when look who showed up -- david back come popped into surprised them. they were so thrilled to see the soccer star. the little boys started crying. tears of joy hopefully. >> will a carolina woman could be getting some huge bank for her buck after buying a painting at good will. >> they could snatch her up to
5:49 pm
$20,000. she got her hands on a piece called a vertical diamond. it is the work of a notable artist. the auction house bowel use it to between $15,000.20000 dollars. -- values it at $15,000 to $20,000. >> i hope they get a lot of money for it. >> coming up, the latest information on a movie theater shooting in colorado. >> the debate once again starting up about and control on capitol hill. what lawmakers say needs to be done to keep the peace in the united states. >> the big story once again tonight is the weather and we have a few warnings out there. >> the severe thunderstorm warning for montgomery county
5:50 pm
canceled about 10 minutes early. i can show it to you on the radar. some severe storms potentially moving out across the chesapeake bay east of baltimore. the heavy-duty action has been south and west of the metro area. that is where it will stay. the big action is from the lower bay and especially through eastern north carolina. that is robbing the energy out of the system. torrential downpours and severe thunderstorms being experienced across that area. we will soon be on the driver's side of the cold front as we go down through montgomery county, almost a half inch in germantown. a pretty good wind gusts. partly cloudy overnight as dry air moves in. high pressure will be a one day visitor tomorrow with sunshine in the upper 80's.
5:51 pm
the heat will come surging back in on thursday. highs near 100. isolated storms in the afternoon. things will start to settle down saturday and sunday as we get into a more seasonable motta. that is the latest. >> is that unbelievable. >> it is time to get going. the redskins open camp this week and it will go to work for real on thursday. football season is upon us. things are quiet on the redskins' campus or in now. the fields are dressed up and ready to go. they do go through workouts and ota. >> i think everybody is looking forward to it. is another chance for us to grow as a team. and ota's it is tough because you do not get to really hit
5:52 pm
each other. i think we are all excited to put pads on and see what everyone has. >> the athletes are now in london and have moved into the olympic village. the d.c. area is well represented over there. britt mchenry met a woman who has a kaleidoscope of olympic memories. >> this is one of the greatest athletes of all time standing next to my great uncle. >> her uncle was also one of the greatest athletes in the world. this summer marks the 100th anniversary he won olympic gold in track and field. >> he would look them up and down and say, i will take that bet. >> her other uncle when seconds. >> having olympians in the family is a special feeling because you go somewhere in your blood line somebody had all of what it took to be the best
5:53 pm
in the world. >> just down the road lives a current olympian. katie is the youngest u.s. olympian. >> at the u.s. olympic trials, a near world record pace in the first half of the 800 meters and finished in first place with a record. >> in the poll, she does not miss around. >> miller and the rest of the neighborhood is showing her love. >> there is a big-time history of the olympics -- olympians in the d.c. area. >> thank you. coming up next, get ready for an overload of cuteness. >> if you've been successful, you
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5:55 pm
didn't get there on your own. if you've got a business you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. my father's hands didn't build this company. my hands didn't build this company. through hard work and a l atle bit of luck, we built this business. why are you demonizingng us for it? it's time we had somebody who believes in us. someone who believes that achievement should be rewarded not punished. we need somebody who believes in america. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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>> two new arrivals made their
5:57 pm
debut at the national zoo today. >> two she touched cubs had a select group of fans to cheer them on -- two cheetah cubbs had a select group of fans to cheer them on. >> these two cubs got off to a real tough start in life. one was abandoned by its mother. the others had to receive hours of resuscitation and care to survive. today they were here at the zoo happy and healthy and bringing a lot of smiles to people watching them. on a hot day, the new cups warm up to their new home. it did not take long to get the lay of the land. >> they probably want to be inside where it is cooler. >> a couple dozen people appreciated their appreciation for the outdoors. >> you hear the word used a lot
5:58 pm
of around here. the cubs are healthy today but this is the work of two staffers and veterinarians. let's she was scared of the cubs and did not know what was going on. first time for -- sometimes the first time mothers rejected their cubs. >> they deliver three other cubs. it is rare for a newborn she took to survive a cesarean. the female pulled through. >> although only a few months old, this male and female already have quite a family. >> it is fun to come down here and see something like this and watch them chase birds and butterflies. >> the general public will be able to see them at the zoo starting this friday at 10:00. at 1:00 it will be out here for two hours. on the days following that. the male and the female will be
5:59 pm
named for the fastest u.s. mail and woman in the 100 meter dash at the olympics. they will be getting their names in the next couple of weeks. >> very interesting. you can see a lot more of these cubs on our web site we have created a photo gallery for you. >> that will do it for us for abc 7 news at 5:00. >> stick around, the latest potential for storms comes next. >> ilve and in hd this is abc 7 news at 6:00 on your side. >> the threat for stormy weather. once again a cold front hitting hot air is causing concerns we may see trouble. we have been tracking bad weather all afternoon. >>doug hil is li

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